Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Swamp Thing" - Chameleons UK

Sens fall asleep at the Wheel - lose 3-1

Hmmm….. I guess when you are a pest, your reputation truly does follow you around. Ruutu-D2 took a guillotine shot across the face from Bryce Salvador, and was clearly spitting blood out of multiple places, while crumpled over looking for his teeth. I saw it… if you were watching the game no doubt you saw it too. So why did the ref, who was no further away from the play than we were from out TVs not see it? Or did they?

I’m not stating that they are willing to overlook the personal safety of individual players, but is it a matter of reputation here? I know Ruutu is a monster iin the ice, and no doubt plays on the very edge of the rules, but there’s a sizeable difference in running around slashing guys in areas where they are protected, like shins and asses. Flossing a guys teeth is another story. With head shots being the soup of the day, why is this not being called, even against a guy like this, who may be edgy, but is no Steve Ott, or Steve Downie…. WTF?

On a side note, the Sens lost last night. It looked for most of the night they were skating in quicksand. Outside of the good hustle from the fourth line, everyone else just looked a little out of sync. I know Giggles will eventually bust out of this funk, hell, Fishy was in one for three seasons and finally busted out, so there’s hope for Jason yet.

Alfie! I’m with you dude! Throw your stick – fuck ‘em, it’s a goal anyways! Let everyone on the ice and the bench (and us at home) know that you’re f**ked off, that this is bullsh*t, and that you’re not going to take it anymore!

Sens back at the Bank tomorrow against Squirm-ette and the Ditch Pigs.